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The 7 Best Rolling Trays of 2024: Choosing Your Weed Workstation

Rolling trays are an essential piece of gear for any cannabis smoker.

They provide a portable, flat surface for rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs, and may also include compartments for your grinder, papers, and tools. 

Your rolling tray serves as your weed workstation, the foundation of your smoking ritual.

Rolling is about more than just getting high. It’s about honoring the herb, feeling it between your fingers as your roll, connecting with it in a personal way.

It’s about sharing what you roll with the friends around you, honoring the connection that cannabis allows us to feel with one another. 

Having a rolling tray that you love is like having an extension of yourself at the center of this ritual.

So go ahead, find the rolling tray that you want to work with every time. You’ll be happy you did.

What Are The Best Rolling Trays?

Because everyone’s smoking style is different, we’ve compiled a list of the best rolling trays for every type of smoker – from the Solo Dolo to the social butterfly.

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Best Wood Rolling Tray

Our Pick

Marley Natural Black Walnut Rolling Tray


From official cannabis brand of Bob Marley, this handsome rolling tray is available in two sizes and makes a dignified addition to your decor.

  • High quality, made from solid black walnut.
  • Comes with matching scraper tool to capture your cannabis crumbs.
  • Part of a drool-worthy line of black walnut smoking gear, this tray can stand on its own or become part of a larger set.


  • Simple design means no holders for your rolling tools.

Best Rolling Tray Set

Our Pick

Cubbi Stash Box


The Swiss Army Knife of rolling trays! The Cubbi Stash Box is a rolling tray set with specially-designed compartments to hold your flower, grinder, papers or wraps, and lighter. Topped with a smell-proof, airtight lid that doubles as a hardwood rolling tray.

  • Perfect for smokers on the go.
  • 100% smell proof for keeping discreet.
  • Airtight flower chamber keeps your buds fresher longer.


  • Grinder storage compartment may not fit larger grinders.
  • (BUT Cubbi does offer a compatible grinder for $10).
$69 from Cubbi

Best Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid

Our Pick

Special Note: Uncommon Goods, the ultimate shop for cute lil gifts, now has a stoner-specific collection!

It’s called “The Vibe Shop,” and it’s chock full of gifts for the elegant stoner in your life (even if that’s you)!

Retro Rolling Tray with Magnetic Lid


Smaller and more portable than the Cubbi, this rolling tray with magnetic lid keeps your precious cargo safe.

  • Fits in your bag.
  • Stylish retro design keeps it classy.


  • No internal compartments.
$15 from Uncommon Goods

Best Rolling Tray for Organizing

Our Pick
RAW Backflip striped bamboo rolling tray

RAW Backflip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Tray (Limited Edition Striped)


This sturdy, convenient rolling tray from the king of rolling papers has specially milled spots for your gear.

  • Custom-sized compartments for all of your tools.
  • Small magnets on the corners let you snap the sides together and go!
  • Sustainable bamboo


  • Compartments may not fit all accessories.
$38.99 from amazon

Best Hand-Carved rolling tray

Our Pick

Solid Wood Lunar Rolling Tray


For the moon-loving smoker in your life, this hand-carved artisan rolling tray makes a thoughtful and useful gift.

  • Special lunar design allows for easy joint filling.
  • Carved compartments for your grinder, cones, or dab tools.
  • Shop small! Support artisan craftsmanship.


  • Handmade! Get it while supplies last.

Best Rolling Tray to give your bestie

Our Pick

Floral Hands Rolling Tray


Did Michaelangelo paint the Sistene Chapel with assistance from Vitamin C(annabis)? While that fact may be lost to history, this play on The Creation of Adam lets us imagine that the holy herb was part of this epic moment.

  • Lightweight metal.
  • Playful design.
  • Perfect gift for the one you sesh with.


  • No specialized compartments.
$8.99 from amazon

Best Custom Rolling Tray: Design your own!

Our Pick

My Rolling Tray


Create the custom rolling tray of your dreams! Upload your own image or artwork, and see it transformed into an 8” x 5” metal rolling tray.

Whether you choose a picture of your pup, or your favorite snap from your last vacation, a custom rolling tray is a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

  • Unbreakable metal.
  • Free shipping.
  • No minimum order!


  • Simple, no-frills design may not meet your gear-holding needs.

Best Custom LED Rolling Tray

Our Pick
Mood Trays custom LED rolling tray

Mood Trays Custom LED Rolling Tray


This one goes to 11.

For the smoker who loves to be extra, Mood Trays offers custom rolling trays upgraded with LED lights and Bluetooth audio.

  • LED-lit rolling tray to set the mood right.
  • Bluetooth audio.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Small to medium surface area.
$49.99 from Mood Trays

Bonus Round! Learn while you roll

Good Read

How we roll: the art and culture of joints, blunts, and spliffs.

For the roller in your life, this book on the art and culture of rolling from veteran roller and author Noah Rubin will look great next to your new tray!

What to look for in a rolling tray

Rolling Tray Material

Rolling trays come in a range of material, from bamboo to metal to acrylic. Above everything, you want your rolling tray material to be durable and burnproof. Also consider whether you’ll be keeping your rolling tray out and want to make a statement with the style, or be stashing it away and want it to blend in discreetly.

Rolling Tray portability

Are you a smoker on the move? If you find yourself bringing your stash with you to sesh with your friends, look for a rolling tray that keeps everything together. Consider a lightweight rolling tray with magnetic lid like this one, or the Cubbi rolling tray set that doubles as a stash box. If you’re usually at home when you’re rolling up, a larger but less portable rolling tray may work better for you.

Rolling Tray Features

Some rolling trays keep it very simple. The simplest rolling tray design is a 7” to 12” tray with raised edges to keep the cannabis crumbs in check. Others pack in useful features like carved-out spots for your grinder and tools, or airtight compartments. Think about when and where you usually roll, and what other gear you already have to determine which rolling tray features you need.

Conclusion: How can rolling trays elevate your smoking experience?

A rolling tray is the foundation of your weed workstation. Whether you’re rolling joints, spliffs, or blunts, or keeping your dab tools organized, a good rolling tray is quite literally at the center of your experience. Find the rolling tray that you love the most, and each time you roll, take a moment to appreciate how it becomes part of your life.


Rolling trays are the heart of your rolling experience.
They can be simple surfaces or complex gear-holders.
Take a moment to honor the herb while you roll. 💚
Kate Lily
Certified Cannabis Educator

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