Overhead view using hemp wick with cannabis pipe

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Wicks: Better Lungs, Better Hits.

Looking for a healthier and more eco-friendly way to light your pipe or bong? Look no further! Hemp wicks are here to revolutionize your smoking experience. In this guide, we’ll dive into the world of the hemp wick and explore its benefits, how to choose the best one, and step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Ready to discover this game-changing alternative to traditional lighters and matches? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the benefits of hemp wicks: a healthier, more enjoyable & eco-friendly alternative to lighters.

  • Learn exactly how to use a hemp wick.
  • My favorite hemp wick products.

Understanding Hemp Wicks

Hemp wicks are a natural alternative to butane lighters and matches, composed of pure hemp fiber layered in all natural beeswax for an organic coating. When used for smoking, you light the wick, and the wick lights your joint or bowl.

This spares your lungs from inhaling the butane and other harmful chemicals from the lighter.

A hemp wick also provides an even flame that burns slowly, like a mini candlestick, yet at lower temperature than the butane gas from normal lighters, leading to a better smoking experience.

The Advantages of Using Hemp Wick Over Traditional Lighters

Using hemp wick instead of traditional lighters presents several advantages, including being a healthier choice for smokers, improving the smoking experience and helping to protect our environment.

Enhanced Smoking Experience

Hemp wick’s cooler burning temperature has advantages not only for the lungs, but also enhances the overall smoking experience:

  • Better tasting hits – lower burn temp preserves cannabis’ natural compounds terpenes, which provide your weed’s unique aroma and flavor.

  • Stronger high – lower burn temp also preserves the cannabinoids like THC, which make for a better, longer lasting high.

  • Less coughing – no one likes a coughing fit. Lower temps are easier on the lungs and reducing coughing and other lung discomfort.

  • Less burned weed, more green – have you ever had a buddy torch the entire top of your bowl with their sloppy lighter work? Never again. The precision of the hemp wick allows you to burn just the section of your bowl you want to, saving the rest of the sweet green for next time.

  • Saves money – using a hemp wick also saves your sweet green dollar, using just the amount of cannabis you want to for that sesh.

Healthier Option for Your Lungs

One of the most important benefits of using a hemp wick is that you avoid inhaling butane from the lighter. When you use a traditional butane lighter, the you’re inhaling some of that butane every time you puff.

But when you use a hemp wick, the wick is lighting the cannabis.

It’s a good idea to wait 2-3 seconds after lighting the wick before you light the cannabis, to make sure any residual butane that may be on the wick has burned off.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Hemp wick is a more eco-friendly and sustainable choice than traditional plastic lighters since it’s made from natural ingredients such as hemp, beeswax, and other renewable sources.

By choosing to use this kind of product you are contributing in taking better care not only for your wellbeing but also our environment because it requires minimal water and pesticides with no adverse effects left once used up.

Using a hemp wick regularly means you go through way fewer lighters, which saves landfills and oceans from unnecessary plastic waste.

How to Use a Hemp Wick

Four steps of using a hemp wick

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

Hemp wicks come in a large wound ball, and it’s a bit inconvenient to work with. For that reason, I always wind my wick around a lighter so I have the right amount handy. If you want an even classier solution, you can buy a gorgeous macaron-shaped ceramic hemp wick holder from one of my favorite luxury cannabis accessory shops, House of Puff.

Step Two: Light the Wick with Your Lighter

Lighter lighting hemp wick

Unwind a short length of the wick from your lighter, and light the tip.

Step Three: Use the Wick to Light the Corner of Your Bowl

Overhead view using hemp wick with cannabis pipe

Holding your hand away from the lit flame, use the hemp wick on a small portion of your bowl. This is called “cornering.” It allows you to take a nice puff without torching the entire top of the bowl, which means you’ll have more tasty green cannabis saved for the next time you smoke.

Note: You can also use hemp wicks to light joints, spliffs or blunts. If that’s what you’re smoking, in this step you’ll light the tip of your joint/spliff/blunt instead of the corner of your bowl.

Step Five: Take Your Puff

Smoking cannabis pipe using hemp wick

Inhale until you’ve gotten the size hit you want. You can keep the hemp wick lighting the bowl the entire time for a deeper, stronger hit, or move the wick away for a shallower, less intense hit.

Step Five: Pass to Your Bestie or Save Your Precious Green for Next Time!

Cannabis pipe cornered with hemp wick

Notice how using the hemp wick has allowed you to burn only the portion of the bowl you want. That leaves rest of the green cannabis for next time, providing another round of flavorful hits.


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How to Select the Best Hemp Wick

Neon question mark

When choosing the best hemp wick, it is important to ensure that you are selecting a quality product. Here are some helpful tips for picking out top-notch hemp wick:

  • Pure hemp. First, make sure the wick is made from pure hemp fibers. Organic hemp is best, organic and unbleached is even better.

  • Pure beeswax. To only looking for products made from premium fibres, make certain there is natural beeswax coating on them too.

  • Size matters. Most hemp wicks are sold in 200 foot wound balls, which is enough to last a long time. But some are sold in 10 or 20-foot increments for the same price. Read the label carefully.

  • That’s what she said. Read the reviews left by other buyers who have already purchased the wick you’re eyeing to make sure it’s of high quality and burns slowly and evenly.

My Favorite High-Quality Hemp Wick Products

How to Properly Store Your Hemp Wick

Once you’ve wound your user-friendly length of hemp wick around your lighter or wick holder, be sure to store both of them at room temperature – no heat sources nearby nor any direct sunlight exposure. Keeping it cool and dry is essential to it working when you need it most!

Creative Uses for Hemp Wick Beyond Smoking

When you’re a smoker everything seems like it can be used for smoking… but did you know hemp wicks have uses beyond cannabis? Hemp wicks can be used in in candle-making as well, so if you’re feeling crafty, you’ve already got some supplies.

They can also be used as an alternative to lighters or matches when lighting stoves and campfires to keep your fingers from getting burned.

The strength of hemp makes hemp wicks useful for crafting projects such as gift wrapping, binding materials together, and bookbinding.

Common Concerns and Solutions with Hemp Wick

Too Bulky.

Don’t want to carry the equivalent of a small ball of yarn around with your pipe? Wrap your hemp wick around your lighter and go.

Sticky Wick.

If you’ve stored your hemp wick in high heat and it’s getting sticky, just toss it in your freezer and let it cool down and reshape. If you’re on the go, you can use your cooler, or even some shade to let it cool.


By switching to organic hemp wick, an alternative to lighters and matches, smokers can enjoy a healthier smoking experience while being more eco-friendly. Using this high quality product properly provides multiple advantages: its user is able to benefit from the improved taste of their herbs. As well as avoiding many potential hazards caused by standard lighters and helping protect the environment with fewer emissions that are released into it. Why not give Hemp Wick a try?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hemp wick actually help?

Yes. The benefits are clear with hemp wick – cleaner hits, richer flavors for an unmatched smoking sensation! It eliminates inhaling the butane or other harmful chemicals from lighters or matches and offers a smoother, tastier hit that is much less harsh on your throat. Using a hemp wick makes it simpler to savor every puff without worrying about any irritation caused by flames.

Does hemp wick stay lit?

Yes. When hemp wick is coated in beeswax, it can remain lit due to the coating slowing down its burn rate. The beeswax helps preserve the flame so that you don’t have to constantly relight your wick.

What is hemp wick made of?

Hemp wick is made of pure hemp fiber coated with natural beeswax.


Hemp wicks save your lungs from inhaling butane.
They provide better tasting, stronger hits, with less coughing.
Roll a short length around your lighter and go.
Kate Lily
Certified Cannabis Educator

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