Kate Lily

Hi, I’m Kate

And I love cannabis. I’ve loved it since the very first time I used it at 15, smoking behind my friend’s house with a makeshift pipe crafted from a Coke can. In that moment, something shifted. I felt more like myself. It allowed me to open up, tap into my authentic self, and see others as their authentic selves. It helped me giggle. It helped me feel centered. Almost 30 years later, those are still the gifts it gives me.

Because I’m a nerd at heart, I learned everything I could about the cannabis plant.

I’m the weed friend whose eyes light up at the word “terpenes.”

But as much as I loved weed, it’s not like I could make a job out of it. At least, not in the early 2000s. So instead I spent 15 longs years as an attorney, because that’s what smart people are supposed to do, right?

But I was desperately out of alignment with my purpose. In 2022, I eventually hit a place of pandemic-assisted soul-level burnout. I quit my job as an attorney, got multiple cannabis education certifications, and started my own business helping people feel better with cannabis.

Now this is my job. A dream job. I specialize in helping people understand the big beautiful world of cannabis, and how to use the incredible variety of cannabis products. Skip over the bad experiences and head straight to the magic.

Join me!

My Cannabis Certifications

“Did you go to weed college or something?” Um, yes, actually I did.

Beyond my 30 years of self-taught weed acumen, I have extensive training in the science and use of the cannabis plant from the most respected organizations in the industry.

Seen and Heard On:

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